• Litres for Little Ones - Sherwood Co-op and Co-op Refinery Complex presents...Litres for Little Ones on Thursday, February 16th. Fill up at any Sherwood Co-op Gas Bar and 20 cents from every litre sold will be doanted to the Z99 Radiothon. Participating locations include....615 Winnipeg St N; 2020 Prince of Wales Dr; 4705 Gordon Rd; 460 Albert St; 5805 Rochdale Blvd; 727 Dewdney Ave. E; Emerald Park; Indian Head; Montmartre; Southey; Dysart.

  • Custom Playhouse Raffle - 2 storeys, wood floors, recessed lighting, chalkborad wall, engineered siding and a big green slide! Its a home away from home....for your kids! For only $10, you could be the owner of a little backyard retreat where magical moments of summertime fun are created! Head over to the Cornwall Centre to purchase your tickets for this custom built play house constructed and donated by Traditional Garage Systems. 

  • 4th Annual Big Muddy's Bash for Babies - Featuring Big Muddy and special guests Slow Motion Walter March 4th at the Turvey Centre. Doors open at 7pm tickets $25 and can be purchased by contacting Big Muddy Regina on Facebook, or online at

  • 4th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament  - Sign up for some family fun and try to win some prizes...The Prairie Arctic Regional Council Carptenters Local 1985 thier 4th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament at Mission Lake, Fort Qu'Appelle on Feb. 18 at 10am. Registration is $40 for the first home and $10 for second. Tournament will also be attempting to break the world record for the largest ice fishing shack on Please contact Leanne at 306-585-0900 or by e-mail at

  • Family Day at the Ice House  - Looking for something to do with your little ones this Family Day but don't want to be out in the cold. Head to the Ice House in Emerald Park from 12pm - 4pm for some indoor Family Fun and help raise money for the Radiothon. Events include....
    12:30pm - 1pm - Fun Science for the Family; 1:15pm - 2pm Kids Yoga with Pure Living Yoga; 3pm - 3:30pm Kids Crafts; 2pm - 4pm Kids make thier own pizza. Proceeds from all kids meals will be doanted to the Radiothon.

  • Bennies for Babies - From March 2nd to march 17th Denny's Regina will donate $1 from every full order of any Eggs benedict Meal to the Z99 Radiothon. 

  • Paint Night for Radiothon - If you've had your eye on attending a Paint Night, do it now and save babies lives! Join haley Gartner at Beer Brothers on March 3rd for a paint night, tickets ar $45 with a portion og proceeds going to the NICU. Discover a different night out...Paint Night is the perfect cocktail of creativity and conversation. Drink a Glass of wine and create a paintin

  • Pizza & Pasta Night - The Regina Y's Moms Group Presents...All you can eat pizza, pasta and salad plus beer or pop! Sunday, March 5th 5pm - 8pm at the 4 Seasons 909 Arcola Ave E. Tickets $25 each can be purchased by e-mail

  • Pizza Night - Highland Curling Club 348 Broad St. Wednesday, March 8th at 5:30pm. Tickets are $25 each and includes Pizza, lasagna, Garlic Toast, Salad Bar, Pibs and Desert. For tickets contact Lee at 306-209-2243 or e-mail

  • 5th Annual NICU Chicken and Rib Night - Chicken and Rib Night will be held at the Callie Curling Club March 12th at 6pm. Raffle Prizes, Silent Auction and Progressive 50/50. Tickets are $25 per person. For tickets, or to donate, contact Bobby Leier at 306-539-6247 or Chelsey Mitchell at 306-530-5616

  • Shaving Heads and Saving Babies - Join canadian Western Bank, Avant-Garde College and Beer Bros. Gastropub & Deli in Raising Funds. March 16th at 10:30am. If you would like to participate in this evnet or make a donation please contact Leah at 306-337-1579 or e-mail for all information and pledge sheets.

  • Sugar Kiss Pedicures at Envogue Day Spa - $5 from every Sugar Kiss Pedicure at Envogue Day Spa from November 1st to March 17th will be donated to the Z99 Radiothon. "Indulge in sugar without the guilt! During this pedicure you will be pampered with the natural Laticious Sugar Kiss Products, fragrant with citrius, rose & vanilla. Pure sugar cane crystals gently slough away dry skin cells, cold pressed coconut, sweet almond oils, aloe vera and vitamin E nourish and deeply moisturize, leaving skin deliciously soft. Of course this spa pedicure includes all the nail care adn don't forget a relaxing message for your feet and lower legs, Hummm....a happy hour raspberry martini would be great to go along with this. Cost is $79 and is an 80 minute treatement

About The Radiothon

On March 16th & 17th, 2017 CC, Lorie & Cassity will broadcast live from the Cornwall Centre for 36 hours raising money.

The money raised will help save babies’ lives by purchasing equipment for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care at the Regina General Hospital.

This is the 30th Anniversary of the Z99 Radiothon having raised over $8 million for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in support of the NICU.

Regina's NICU: A Snap Shot

Babies born between 24 to 42 weeks gestation can be admitted to the NICU for a variety of reasons such as premature birth, infections, complications during delivery, respiratory distress, or because they are multiples. Some babies stay only a few hours while others stay for many months:

  • The Regina NICU has been caring for babies for 40 years
  • On average 21 babies use the NICU daily
  • 600+ babies need the NICU yearly
  • 60 babies are transported to the NICU by Neonatal Ambulance every year
  • One of the smallest babies the NICU has saved was only 400 grams
  • $1,700 is the minimum cost per day to care for a baby in the NICU

How can I help?

Start planning your fundraisers now! For more information on how you can help or to schedule your Radiothon Donation Interview please contact:
Amber Morse at (306) 525-0000 or Click here to donate through the Hospitals of Regina website.


  1. Pajama Day - Have your employees/students/team pay to wear their pajamas for a day!
  2. Mayor-for-a-day fake election - Make dollars count as votes. Whoever can raise the most money gets to be mayor for a day. You determine what rights the mayor has!
  3. Blind Auction - Have boxes with different items in them in which people can bid on. The boxes could have anything from a brick, to money, to a day-off slip or even a CD. People don’t get to know what it is inside. They have to bid on each box in hopes that they get what they want!
  4. Angel tree - Purchase an angel for someone special. Create a tree on a wall and place the angels on the tree.
  5. Servant for a Day - Have senior positions (classmates) auctioned off to junior positions. The junior who purchases their senior will make them their servant for a day! This could include carrying their books to class, getting them coffee, or warming up their car on a cold day!
  6. Bake Sale - Have people donate food items to the bake sale. Sell the items for a set price.
  7. Valentine’s Day-O-Grams - Purchase a Valentine’s Day-O-Gram for someone special. The people in charge of the Valentine’s Day-O-Gram will deliver them to the special person.
  8. Balloon Bust - Blow-up balloons and put different slips for prizes in them. People pay $5 to ‘pop’ the balloon to see what they won. Some of the balloons have “please try again” and others have money vouchers. Use portion of the money you raise to pay people who win money.
  9. 50/50 tickets- Everyone loves a good old fashion 50/50. Sell tickets. The person with the winning ticket gets half the pot. The other half is donated to the Z99 Cares Radiothon.
  10. Dress Down Day - Have staff pay to wear their most comfortable cloths to work/school.
  11. Stickers for Support - If someone donates to the Z99 Radiothon, they receive a sticker, with the Z99 Radiothon logo on it to wear showing they donated.
  12. Paper Baby Pins - Make up pins that people can purchase and put their names on. Display them on a Z99 Radiothon wall you create.
  13. Craft sale - Have some of your crafty friends or co-workers contribute their creations to be sold.
  14. Wheel of prizes - Create a wheel, mark each section with a prize, and charge per spin.
  15. Pancake breakfast - Organize a pancake breakfast & ask for a donation for entry.
  16. Parking Lot Sale - Have employees/students contribute to an office yard sale.
  17. Talent show - Hold a talent show and charge an “entry fee”. You could also charge for tickets to the show.
  18. Bachelor/Bachelorette auction - Auction off your offices “singles” or auction off a “hired hand for a day”.
  19. Bottle Drive - Collect bottles to take to your local recycling depot.