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Z99’s $25,000 Break the Bank

Z99's $25,000 Break the Bank

Z99’s $25,000 Break the Bank  – Bank Rolled by Roadway Auto & Sport, Knight Archer Insurance & Regina Metal Industries 

Listen to weekdays at 7:15am with CC, Lorie and Cassity and at 4:45pm with Crash & Mars dial 306-936-9999 and you could WIN BIG!

How to Play! Open the vaults to see how much money is inside. Risk it to keep going and the money could keep growing…BUT, get the dreaded buzzer and you lose it all!

On Friday it’s Z99’s $25,000 Break the Bank House Calls with CC. Every Friday CC will play Break the Bank Live from a Zed Family Members Home. Enter Here and CC could be knocking on your door!

Congrats to those Zed Family Members who have won….Diane Helstrom $732; Stephanie MacFarlane $573; Garry Scherle $704; Tom Christisnson $530; Judy Salway $480; Lori Binset-Seivewright $848; Dawn Buchanan $654; Audrey Thiessen $502; Natalie Brittner $586; Matt Schneider $9,037

Watch Matt Schneider talk about his big win!

WATCH: The Schneiders came to collect their $9,037 cheque from Break the Bank!

Posted by Z99 on Thursday, September 20, 2018

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